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The FAQ below contains some common questions our customers ask before purchasing PUSH products.
If you have other questions, you can emailinfo@pushpuckar.se or call 08-653 00 80

Questions & answers about PUSH

The pucks can be used for all types of training and are perfect for, for example, school and team sports. You can benefit from training reaction skills, strength, speed, mobility, coordination, decision making and balance.
The pucks are durable and are built for hard training. We have tested driving a car over the pucks and even though the plexiglass cracked, the functionality of the puck was intact. NOTE – Do not try this at home!
Both options are possible but think bigger – there are a total of 9 different colorful programs. The pucks are adaptable to the individual and you can train individually, in pairs or in groups.
Hur långt är ett snöre! Det är din kreativitet som sätter gränserna. Använd puckarna i traditionell träning för snabbhet och styrka eller sätt upp puckarna för kreativ träning med mer fokus på lekfullhet, beslutsamhet, koordination och kognitiv förmåga.
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Depending on how intensively you train, the battery lasts 6-10 hours.

Absolutely! If you are a school, also state your reference number in connection with the order.

With us, you can choose to pay with Klarna's payment options. We also provide 30-day .mail or e-invoice if you order as a school or sports association
It's going great! You will then receive an invoice within 30 days and we can provide e-invoices.
We always provide at least a 1-year warranty on our products.