Terms & Conditions


The supplier provides the product ‘PUSH’ (the Product below), which is an interactive training tool that illuminates with a lights and switches off by the User places his hand on the Product or pulls his hand over the Product to trigger the sensor and then The next puck is lit up. The User shall bear the responsibility for any damage to the Product if the User or anyone near him has been negligent. 
The Supplier is responsible for delivering the Product in accordance with what the User has ordered and for fulfilling his/her part of the Agreement Nice. business and customer-oriented. The Supplier reserves the right to use subcontractors in order to be able to deliver the Service in accordance with: what was promised. 

2- Order

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a contract between the User and the Supplier shall be deemed to have been concluded when the order is completed. has been made by the User on the Vendor's website and the User has received an order confirmation from the Provider to the e-mail address provided in connection with the order (hereinafter the Agreement); In order for the User to complete the order, the User must accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Supplier. 

The User is responsible for providing accurate information and information in connection with the order of the Service. The supplier has the right to request additional information from the User before entering into an Agreement, if necessary for the Provider to ensure the fulfilment of its rights under the Agreement. Should the Supplier discover that this information is in any way incorrect, the Supplier shall have the right to terminate the Agreement. and revoke the product. 

3- Prices

All prices indicated on the Vendor's website are excluded from VAT and in SEK. The price indicated when ordering the product is the price that is to be considered to have been agreed between the Supplier and the User. 

4- Payment

     In the event of non-payment, the Supplier is entitled to receive interest on late payment in accordance with the provisions of the Interest Act. time payment would have been made until full payment has been made. Furthermore, the Provider reserves the right to select and modify the payment solution in the future and as part of it continue: use external payment solutions. 

    5- Delivery and Return

      After completion of the order, the product will be sent from the Supplier as soon as possible. Usually the product is delivered within 1-3 working days from the completed order but due to subcontractors the delivery time may be longer. 
      The product is sent traceably with one of the delivery options chosen by the user when ordering the product. Delivery of the Product takes place, unless the User indicates otherwise, to the nearest dispatch point in relation to the delivery address provided by the User or directly to the delivery address. Delivery costs are paid by the User unless explicitly stated otherwise. The current delivery cost is stated in connection with the order and if the User accepts the order, the User is considered to have approved the delivery cost. the conditions and other conditions applicable to the current delivery option. 

      6- Right of withdrawal;

        If the User is a private customer, the Distance Agreement Act applies. This means that the User, provided that he is a private customer, has the right to cancel the Agreement within 14 days of receiving the Product. In exercising the right of withdrawal, the User himself is responsible for the cost of returning the Product and for the risk until the product has reached our hands. a. 

        To exercise the right of withdrawal, please contact the customer service at 08-653 00 80.


        7- Guarantee

          During the term of the Agreement, warranty applies to the product. The warranty covers defects on the Product that are not attributable to reckless use. Guarantee means that the User is entitled to receive a new Product in case of defects on the product. 

          8- Usage

            The user and people nearby may use the product for the purpose the product is intended, i.e. as a training equipment. 
            The use of the product presupposes that the user has read the instructions attached to the product before use to the required extent. available on the Supplier's website. 
            The User and its Users may not use the Product for illegal purposes or in ways that cause damage or other disadvantages for the Supplier or third party. 

            9- Force majeure

              If the Supplier is prevented from fulfilling his obligations because of circumstances over which he has no control, such as lightning, Fire, pandemic, war and regulations of the authorities and errors or delays in subcontracting services or products because of the circumstances stated herein; It shall constitute the grounds for exemption leading to the forwarding of the date of performance and the possible waiver; damages and other penalties. The Supplier is not responsible for delivery delivery or the User's costs incurred because of the above mentioned circumstances such as: is outside the control of the Provider. 

              10- Reservations

                The supplier discharges, to the extent permitted by the applicable law: from all liability for direct and/or indirect damage, both property and personal injury, which arises for the User and/or third parties in connection with the use of the Product. 
                The supplier reserves the right to make changes, for example, in terms of prices, availability, printing errors in written documents on the Vendor's website. 
                If any provision of the Terms is deemed to be unlawful, invalid or not enforceable for any other reason, such a provision shall be deemed to be omitted and shall not affect its validity or enforceability. the existence of any of the remaining provisions of the Conditions. 

                11- Cookies

                  The provider uses cookies and similar techniques on its website Https://www.pushpuckar.se/1. When visiting to https://www.pushpuckar.se/ The Provider handles tasks such as browser settings, platform and user-generated data (such as visiting and clicking history). 

                  11.1 Why the Provider uses cookies 

                  Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. These are sent from the Provider's web servers and stored on the user's device as below. The cookies the Provider uses usually improves the website and services the Provider offers. Some of the Provider's Services need cookies to function properly, while others improve the user's experience of the website and the services. The provider uses cookies to collect comprehensive analytical information regarding the use of the Provider services. The provider also uses cookies to direct relevant marketing to the User. 

                  11.2 How the Provider's use of cookies can be controlled. 

                  The browser, Alternatively, the device used often allows the User to control settings for the use and scope of cookies. In your browser or device settings, you can search for information on how the cookie settings can be adjusted. For example, the user can choose to block all cookies, only accept first-party cookies or delete the cookies saved when the browser or device is shut down. Please note that some of the Provider's services may not function optimally if the User would choose to block or delete cookie. ANNEX II such as unavailability of certain information on the website or slower loading of information. 
                  The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency is the authority that monitors the areas of electronic communications and mail in Sweden. 
                  More information about cookies is available on the website of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency: www.pts.se. 


                    Rights and obligations under the Agreement, Terms and related legal relations are determined by Swedish law. 
                    In the event of a dispute between the User and the Provider, such a dispute shall primarily be resolved by direct communication between the User. The Supplier. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User agrees not to engage in any kind of activity or communication with a third party, public or private, which will lead to general swelling of the Supplier. 
                    Where a dispute cannot be settled by direct communication, disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the Agreement shall: The conditions and related legal relations shall be determined by the Swedish General Court. 

                    13- Contact us.

                      If the User wishes to contact the Provider in matters relating to the Service, The user must contact the Supplier at the telephone number 08-6530080. 
                      If the User wishes to report a defect on the Product, the User should contact the Supplier without delay by calling above telephone number. 
                      The provider does not guarantee specific time availability for customer service-related matters, but works to ensure that, where possible, Please respond to requests from the User urgently.